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Namaste dear Visitor

Welcome at Zen Buddha. The content of Zen Buddha is based on the Buddha Teachings and is a mix of easy accessible 'infotainment' such as Buddhist quotes, Zen Buddha tarot cards or the Dhamma Wheel that you can consult on a daily basis for guidance. Or if you wish to spend more time on personal development from a Buddhist perspective try Zen Buddha's free e-book. Next to that you will find basic explanations about the Buddha Teachings (Dhamma), Meditation instructions and related videos. Also find interesting topics at our Zen Buddha Facebook page. In short, it is Zen Buddha's intention to distribute the powerful message of the Buddha to you in an easy accessible and inspiring way!

buddha fortune teller

The Buddha Fortune Teller

The Buddha Fortune Teller will provide you with spiritual insights regarding your life question. Although the Buddha did not believe in fortune telling or superstitions, in his early childhood a Fortune Teller gave the future prediction that he would become either a King or a Spiritual Man. His father, the King, hoped for the first, however Gautama became the Buddha, the enlightened one. Related to this story the Fortune Teller will provide you with spiritual insights. Ask the Buddha

laughing buddha

Quotes by The laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha gives inspiring Buddha Quotes to you. The quotes are from Buddha himself or based on Buddhist Teachings. Zen-Buddha.com offers interesting options to share the Buddha Quotes with your friends. Find out more here. Get your Buddha inspiration

buddha tarot

Buddha Zen Tarot

Zen Tarot focuses on gaining an understanding of The Now. It is based on the Wisdom of Buddhism. Buddhism is the Wisdom that is life-affirmative. It accepts all there is. This is different than the 'traditional tarot' that focusses more on predicting the future and explaining the past. Draw your Buddha Zen Tarot Card

laughing buddha

Free ebook Zen Buddha - Simplify your life

Here you will find Zen Buddha's ebook and exercises. The ebook is a practical guide to Experience more Equanimity. With this Peace of Mind one will be able to live a more balanced and happy life. Download the ebook here

dharma wheel

Dharma Wheel - The Noble Eightfold Path

The Dharma Wheel represents The Noble Eightfold Path one of The Four Noble Truths that will lead to Enlightenment according to the Buddha Teachings. The Dharma Wheel helps you to develop insight into the true nature of Reality as taught by the Noble Eightfold Path. Spin the Dharma Wheel and use the outcome as a guide in your life. Practice your Buddha nature! Spin the Dharma Wheel

buddhist mediation

Buddhist Meditation

To let go of past and future and to live in The Now, present moment awareness should be practiced. Many people practice this through Meditation. Here you will find more information on meditation and also different forms of meditation. Many people are not aware, but meditation is much broader than 'just sitting on a pillow and focus inwardly'. Meditation is alertness & Acceptance of what is, which brings awareness and leads to an inner peace. Read more about Buddhist Meditation

buddhist mediation

The Buddha Teachings

Zen Buddha offers easy to understand information about Buddhism. Zen Buddha has two short versions of the Buddha Teachings for you. Next to that some Zen Buddhist video selections are offered as well as a Glossary to give you more insights into the terminology used in Buddhism. Read more about the Buddhist teachings here. Read more about Zen Buddhist teachings