Punna Buddhism


Purna Maitrajani-putra (Chinese: 滿慈子, pinjin: Mǎn Chǐ), or Punna, was one of the chief disciples of the historical Buddha who attained the arhat level of consciousness.

Whenever the Buddha was asked what he would think if people tried to kill him, Punna would always explain how lucky the Buddha would feel. As a result, the Buddha praised Punna's self-discipline and peacefulness. Punna transmitted the Dharma teachings to thousands of lay people. At his death, the Buddha stated that Punna had attained nirvana.

Ten most beloved disciples

Punna is listed as one of Gautama Buddha's ten most beloved disciples: (1) Mahakashyapa, (2) Ananda, (3) Sari-putta, (4) Subhutthu, (5) Punna, (6) Maudgalyayana, (7) Khatyayana, (8) Anuruddha, (9) Upali, and (10) Rahula. He is said to have been the most peaceful, the one who maintained the best self-discipline.

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